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I Gained Back Control with Farrell's

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Obesity has been an issue in my family for a long time. Being younger, I have only just begun the slow path toward obesity with losing weight and gaining weight in a yo-yo style, each time getting heavier. Like an addict, I would seek out food to feel fulfilled. I knew my habits were unhealthy, but I could never find a sustainable solution. My twin sister and I had heard of Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, but always thought it was for super fit people to become more fit. We were intimidated by that thought when discussing enrolling in the program.

Finally, we took the leap and enrolled for the 10-week challenge at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Elk River in October 2016. Our competitive nature has always helped us push each other, but in this case, we wanted to support each other completely. We agreed to split the money if one of us won the $1,000 challenge because through our support of one another, we would both deserve the reward.

Joleen's one-year transformation

When I first started the 10-week challenge, it was very difficult. My goal was to have perfect attendance and no excuses. As the weeks progressed, I became stronger and started to form relationships with various people at the gym, all of us supporting each other’s individual fitness journeys. I stuck to the Farrell’s nutrition plan, kept perfect attendance and managed to lose over 20 pounds and 10.25 inches. My commitment to the 10-week program was enough to win the $1,000 female 10-week challenge prize. You would think that my success throughout the 10 weeks would be enough to have created a new lifestyle and sustain new habits, but I knew deep down that I could easily fall into bad habits again. Unfortunately, my bad habits are so deeply ingrained in me that it was clear it would take more then 10 weeks to lock down new habits, so I committed to the Farrell’s yearlong $10,000 National Challenge. I also committed to coaching and FIT challenges to help keep my focus and remain accountable for the decisions I was making.

Through various life challenges and blessings, I managed to sustain my weight loss and stay committed to a new lifestyle. There are countless people that have supported me throughout my journey and helped me to push across the finish line.

Joleen and husband 

I have gained control of my life and have met many great friends with similar goals through this program. Farrell’s has changed my life in ways that are contagious to the people around me. I have now inspired various friends and family members to join the Farrell’s program, of which all have loved it! I am so blessed to have found this program! Farrell’s has helped me to shape more than just my body; I have become a happier and more confident person, which in turn has made me a better wife, mother and person.

I appreciate all the Farrell’s program has done for me. I have already won.

Joleen P. is a FIT Member at our Elk River, Minnesota, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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